Friday, August 28, 2009

Boot Leg Wisky!

The boots arrived! YAY!

I had these babies over-nighted so I could get something on Wisky's tender feet as soon as possible. These are Soft Ride Comfort Boots...about the only boot I've found that works well as therapy boots.

We popped them on little Wisky and she was a pretty happy camper.

This is a sassy little head toss she seems to like to do whenever she's feeling...well, sassy!

She's been let out of the arena onto the playfield!

She's not to sure about Roger the donkey on the other side of the gate. But he knows he likes her.

Then Rich found a friend for her and he said she was actually trotting around in her excitment, but I missed it. She lives alone at her home.

One last shot of the work crew before we go inside for the evening and leave the horses on their own.

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