Sunday, September 6, 2009


We worked on Wisky today. These are not very good pictures, but it was getting late and I was excited and wanted upload a post about her progress.

Today, we made some real progress. She is on soft ground and moves okay on it for a horse in her condition. I wanted her feet to get some moisture, the boots keep them dry.

So she's not wearing boots at this time, but I gave her some bute. She has to walk on gravel to get to water and shelter, but even without the boots and pain meds, that doesn't keep her off the gravel.

If you go back to the earlier posts and compare her feet to these pictures...well, I'm pretty happy with what we've been able to do so far. I just wish she would gain some weight! She's only Eleven, but her body looks much older. I think, once we can determin that her feet are out of the woods, she needs a dental! Iwish that was something we could just have done, but it's expensive and I feel I would need to justify it to the owner, by showing him real pregress on her hooves. That I understand.

The day I removed the shoes, I was only able to trim one foot. Her left front, the worst one of the two. So this was the first trim for right foot.

Tomorrow I'll check on her and possibly put the boots back on to keep her comfortable. She has lost a bit of weight, I believe and probably from so much more movement than she's gotten in awhile. I treated her for some itching she's been doing also. I hope that helps. She has a rain sheet on as we had thunder showers today.

She sure is a sweet mare to work on. Her legs as well as her feet hurt and she still tries pretty hard to cooperate. She's not afraid of much of anything either and that's key to helping her as we used the angle grinder on this trim. That was our saving grace as she couldn't hold her foot up very long at a time.

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