Thursday, August 27, 2009

First trim

The cost to her owner to have these put on her feet was about $500. A vet was brought in to nerve block her so she could hold her foot up long enough to have this done to her.

I'd been buting her for a few days, so finally on Wednesday, it felt like the right time to remove the shoes. She's was a pretty good gal considering all she's been through.

It was a challenge to remove the plastic plates what with being nailed and glued on. This is the 3rd pair of these things I've removed from a horse whose just been issued its death warrant. The "blue smoke" gets thicker with each one I pull off...that's how we referred the language we'd hear when my dad would bust his knuckles while working on a truck engine.

This is what I found underneath. Rotted (necrotic) foot. I can't describe the lovely aroma that permeates he air with this job sometimes.

I cleaned one front foot up as best I could and reduced some toe. The other foot had already been chopped on a bit, so I left that one for later. I was proud of how well she stood for me during all this, so I gave her a break.

I'm keeping hay in front of her at all times, she doesn't get excited about grain at all.

She's a sweet little mare!

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Michellev said...

Please update us on Wisky, if you can. My friend has a colt right now in a serious founder state. She's using the Soft Ride boots and I have a bucket of Sole Pack, which I've wanted to try on him, but you were the first person I've seen that has used it. Did you just pack it around her frog or under the whole sole?